Book Design


Book Design and E-Book-Production: 60,00 (EUR) per hour

  • Covergraphics /Coverdesign
  • ePub conversion
  • Preparation for Amazon (azw, mobi)
  • Preparation for Mobipocket (prc,mobi)
  • Preparation for iPad iBookstore (epub 3)

Production of e-books is more than just conversion. Starting with your MS Word files, Pages-files, Adobe Indesign or just simply beautiful texts, we will help you make e-books in the current standard.

But! E-Books are not made for paper! Apps are not e-books! You have to expect simplifications!

The cost for producing an EPUB file is highly dependent on the source material. The number of pages is not as important as the number of objects. The more pictures and tables, frames and initials your text contains, the longer it takes to process. The time for a simple book without pictures is at least 2-3 hours. If you have pictures, specific objects like text-frames or many different formats, add 10 minutes per item to get a realistic idea of the rate.

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